What to Know About Cover Photo & Video Vault

Cover is the world’s only photo & video vault that monitors your device for explicit content all day and all night. With state of the art machine learning and security measures built into the app, Cover is also one of the most secure apps to use for storing private content. 

Compared to other photo vault apps, Cover is cut above its competition in many aspects such as, encryption, security, message blocking, image detection and more. The app is packed with amazing features and functionality, so before you download it, here’s exactly what you need to know.  

Cover’s Unique Features

Cover isn’t a standard photo & video secret vault app. It’s an end-to-end solution for all of your private content needs. We deliberately built it to be a one size fits all solution to photo privacy and protection on most Android devices. Here’s what sets Cover apart from the rest:

High Security Measures

At Baloota Applications, we make sure security & privacy is priority in every single aspect. Again, as Cover is fully encrypted, you can rest assured that the only person viewing your content is yourself. 

We never view or collect your personal information or content. The user data we do collect is randomized and only used to enhance the way everyone uses the app. 

Cover doesn’t even need Wi-Fi to work. Meaning you won’t need to join any shared networks and run into any unnecessary risks or threats to your usage. Just install the app and you’ll be able to use it anywhere, anytime.

Cover is completely free to download on the Google Play Store. What are you waiting for?  No one ever regretted downloading an app for security purposes.

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