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The Cover Story

Cover is an Android app from Baloota, dedicated to protecting your privacy. Cover achieves this aim in two ways; utilising Baloota’s Auto-HideTM AI technology, which auto-scans your device for any explicit material and locking it into a photo vault, or by automatically blocking any unwelcome content that you would not wish to see saved on your device. One of the most important features of this app is that you do not need to be connected to the internet at any time for Cover to work which means a gallery lock that works 24/7 providing constant protection & gallery privacy. Cover creates a private vault within your smartphone or tablet, ensuring that photos and other content remain inaccessible without appropriate permission. A passcode will be assigned to this vault, and entry denied without it. You can also manually select images and content that is saved to your vault. When Auto-HideTM is enabled, it constantly monitors your device for explicit content. Instant Blocking alerts you through a notification that any explicit content has been found, also ‘blocking’ the content from being viewed on your device. You also have use of a secure gallery vault where you can store any and all your private content – do not pass Go, do not collect $200. This protects you from the twin threats of prying eyes. Cover provides an invaluable service. Firstly, the images stored on your device are your business and nobody else's. You should not need to be concerned about external eyes somehow gaining access to your own content. Perhaps more importantly, you cannot control who sends content to your phone. This is especially likely in the age of WhatsApp and Telegram. The instant messaging apps often autosave images to your device's internal image bank – whether you want them there or not. This opens up the risk of explicit material being saved to your device through no action of your own.

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