We’ve Got You Covered: Cover, Auto Hide From Baloota

If you are an avid user of any of the most popular apps including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, then you have probably connected with thousands of people, some you may not even know! Being apart of multiple chat groups leads to a lot of content being shared and this can sometimes lead to content you’d rather not have on your device. Social Media platforms and most communication apps as a whole are probably some of the most brilliant pieces of tech to be invented that can bring people closer together.

The Risks of Having Sensitive Data

As a result, many communities of people have prospered online, connecting through their interests, and truly opening their minds to the possibilities of what can be done online. However, most digital veterans are well aware that the internet is filled with a lot of unwanted content, which can find its way to your device without your knowledge by simply being active online.

Even if you are not at all phased by sensitive content online, if you are a parent, or are likely to have others using your phone, you should be aware of the precautions you could be taking to avoid such content. Maybe a friend asks for your phone to make a call, and you are just paranoid that they might get into some sensitive content in there that you would rather they not see. Whatever the case may be, Cover Auto-Hide is the app for you.

Auto-Hide and How It Works

Cover is an app that’s a pioneer in its own field featuring a revolutionary photo vault technology that utilizes state of the art machine learning technology. Many other photo vault apps require you to manually sort through and hide your own photos, videos, and documents. Cover takes this to the next level by using innovative image detection AI that automatically scans devices for explicit content and secures them in a private vault. Because of this, Cover can automatically detect and hide any incoming explicit content in an end-to-end encrypted vault, allowing your content to remain private and hidden away from a potentially sensitive audience.

Instant Blocking and How It Works

Cover Instant Blocking works by using an advanced image recognition algorithm that can automatically scan your device continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This scan consistently looks for explicit content such as images and videos. So, while you are browsing the internet, and someone sends explicit content through any kind of messaging service, Cover can detect it, covering the image (preventing it from being seen) then immediately moving it to a passcode fingerprint protected private vault.

Secure Photo Vault and How It Works

Cover Vault is a secure location on your phone that is protected by an encryption algorithm. To gain access to all of this sensitive content, you would need to either enter the password you have chosen while setting up the application. By using this secure photo vault, you will never worry about someone gaining access and viewing content that they should not view, which means that your content remains private.