Cover 2.0 is Here!

The lives of Android smartphone have been revolutionised by Cover. With the aid of Auto-HideTM AI technology, Cover automatically protects unsuspecting eyes from encountering explicit content and material through the creation of a gallery vault within the handset.

Baloota Applications Ltd, the creators of Cover, were thrilled with the first version of the software. Naturally, though, even the very best technology has room for improvement. Enter Cover 2.1 – an update to the existing app that offers the same level of protection and peace of mind, alongside a range of tweaks and adjustments to make the user experience greater.

This is our biggest update yet, and we are confident that it will delight our existing users. What’s more, it provides the perfect solution for any new user seeking protection on their smartphone or tablet. Thanks to Cover, it has never been easier to communicate with confidence.  

Why Should I Download Cover?

Cover brings unique peace of mind to users of Android smartphones and tablets. It’s no secret that, in the modern world, it’s increasingly tough to retain genuine privacy. 

Even if you have carefully arranged your settings to avoid allowing technology conglomerates to harvest your data, many communication apps autosave images and content sent to you in the form of a direct message.

How would you feel about your boss, your kids or your partner scrolling through the images saved on your phone or tablet? You may shrug your shoulders and say you have nothing to hide. You do not save any images of content that you consider explicit. 

The question is, can you say the same for friends, family members – or, worse, unsolicited messages? Platforms like WhatsApp often save received images to a device by default. This can be problematic for a user that received content they have no desire to see – and certainly not to retain.

This is where Cover enters the equation. Our app will launch an immediate scan of any images, videos or other content sent to your appliance and securely lock explicit content in a password-protected photo vault – or even block explicit content entirely, if this is your preference. 

What’s New with Cover?

As a Cover user, you have complete control over what is deemed explicit content. We’re not interested in acting as the Thought Police or restricting the right of anybody to communicate freely. Cover is simply designed to retain privacy – and confidence – within the confines of your appliances.

As discussed, we’re always looking to improve the Cover experience for our users. This means making the app truly universal. We are delighted to announce that, as of our latest update, Cover’s Auto-HideTM technology is compatible with the following messaging services. 

This could not be better timed, as we’re acutely aware that many users have moved away from WhatsApp as a primary communication platform due to adjustments to their privacy policy. For the uninitiated, WhatsApp is seeking to adjust privacy settings, enabling data sharing with Facebook. 

Naturally, that led to countless people seeking to transition to an alternative messaging service – with Telegram, in particular, receiving a surge in sign-ups. When the people speak, we listen. That’s why Telegram, alongside other services, have been added to the Cover family.

Cover Improves the WhatsApp Experience

Of course, you may prefer to continue using WhatsApp. If you’re keen to do so but harbour concerns about your privacy, take these steps. Working in conjunction with Cover, this will ensure that your device is protected from malevolent intent – and any images you receive will only be seen by you.

Cover have also worked to improve our Auto-HideTM AI technology. You’ll find settings in the Cover app to set the level of protection that you’d like. There are few things more frustrating than AI dictating what is and is not considered sensitive and/or explicit. With Cover, you can choose what you feel comfortable with reaching your device – and what, if necessary, you would like to be blocked automatically. 

Again though, let us stress – Cover is not a censorship app. We’re not in the business of telling our users what they can or cannot see, or indeed save to their appliance. Cover simply provides the comfort and self-confidence of choice. Any images that are considered explicit are still accessible via a password-protected vault. The app simply removes the risk of such content reaching the eyes of anybody other than its intended audience.

Cover 2.0 Offers an Improved User Experience

It’s not just the results of Cover that have been improved – we are also constantly improving the performance of the app. After all, a big part of the destination is the journey. We have reduced the size of the app to a mere 23.3 MB, so the app takes up barely any memory space on a device.

Thanks to recent improvements, Cover also now requires far less battery power to operate. You can leave Cover running at all times for 24/7 protection without leaving your device at risk of draining. Speed has also been enhanced, meaning you won’t face the agony of suspense waiting to see what you received – and any attempts to restrict access to content will be rapid and effective!

We also work tirelessly to resolve any bugs in the coding of software and ensure that you enjoy the greatest possible experience using Cover. If you have any difficulty using our app, or have suggestions as to how we can make it even better, our team are always happy to hear from you on

How Do I Get Cover?

It couldn’t be simpler to enjoy the protection from explicit content and privacy afforded by Cover. Just head to the Google Play store and install. From that moment forth you’ll be free to see back, relax and use any messaging app with confidence. We have you Covered.