2 Terrifying Reasons to Use a Photo Vault

Photo vault apps are omnipresent on the internet right now. The popularity of these apps may lead to you raise an eyebrow. After all, why would anybody need a photo vault if they have nothing to hide? 

The reality is, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Anybody should use a photo vault like Cover to protect and retain privacy. In the modern world, hacking and data leaks grow increasingly commonplace. In addition, friends and family may snoop on your phone.

If that was the case, how would you feel? Even if you did not have any explicit or untoward images of files on your phone, you’d still feel that somebody had invaded your privacy. Let’s review these risks in a little more detail.


When we think of hackers, we invariably picture somebody gaining access to a desktop computer. Computer whizzes did this for corporate espionage, financial information theft, or just plain mischief-making in the past.

These days, mobile phone and tablet use is more commonplace than desktop use. As a result, hackers have switched their attention to portable appliances. Do not allow yourself to become a statistic and have your private photos stolen.

Can phones really be hacked?

Sadly, somebody with ill intent can easily hack mobile phones. Spyware is readily available in most app stores for a low cost. As we keep so much of our personal data on smartphones, hackers have plenty of motivation to do so.

Signs of a hacked smartphone include:

If you feel that somebody has hacked your phone, seek advice from a specialist to resolve this. You may need to restore your handset to factory settings.

Hacking Google photos

As an app and a cloud server, Google Photos offers an impressive level of security. We’re certainly not here to pass judgment on our Google-shaped lords and masters. Alas, there are ways to break into a private Google Photos account if a hacker is dedicated enough. 

Naturally, if the hacker has access to controlling your handset, they can view your photos any time they want. Even remotely, though, hackers can guess your password. The same password often links Google Photos to the rest of your online presence. 

If your Gmail account is compromised, make sure you change all your passwords. Even if you do this, it’s still safer to get sensitive photos and data out of Google Photos and into Cover.  

Are photo vaults secure from hackers?

Photo vaults are secure as they offer encryption of your files. Using a vault will not impact your day-to-day use. You’ll still be able to review your content as you see fit. To external eyes, such as a hacker, the photo will just resemble a mess of jumbled digits.

This encryption is an effective first line of defence against intrusive eyes. Consider what we said above about Google Photos if you back up your images to a cloud, though. These services may not be encrypted.

Overall, as with all technology, some photo vaults are more secure than others. Calculator apps, for example, look innocuous but often provide less privacy from hackers. Baloota takes your privacy and security very seriously, so Cover is completely safe.


Of course, it’s not just hackers that we need to worry about. It’s much easier for somebody that has your phone or tablet in their hand to go snooping. Whether this is an accident or an act of nosy malice, it’s not something that anybody wants to experience.

Keeping your private content in a photo vault will restrict access to such files. Cover, for example, will only unlock with the aid of your fingerprint. Using such a unique identifier ensures that nobody else will lay eyes on your content, whether their intentions are guilty or innocent.

Kids using your phone

Many people let their children use their phone to keep them quiet. On paper, this is fine. Most kids will just be interested in playing games.

What happens if one of your children stumbles across your photo album, though? Maybe you have not been sending intimidate snaps to your significant other, but you may have memes of jokes that are considered explicit saved.

Kids can also be a little clumsy with phones. If they are playing around with the camera, they may end up deleting photos that you are keen to keep. Storing images in a vault keeps them safe. For additional security, consider installing Dumpster to retrieve any lost images.

Friends or family borrowing your phone

Picture the scene. You’re out with friends, and one of them needs to call home. Their battery is dead, so they ask if they can borrow your phone. Are you happy to hand it over, no questions asked, or does your blood run cold?

Also, consider that you may not always remember what images you have saved in Google Photos. You may invite friends to scan through your photo album, saying there are some great shots from a birthday party within. If these photos rub shoulders with something more private, it could lead to an awkward moment.

Taking your phone for repairs 

Finally, consider what would happen if you had a hardware problem and need to take your phone for repairs. Somebody can fix a cracked screen without any tinkering under the hood of your phone. For anything more advanced, you’ll likely need to hand over your home screen password.

How comfortable are you with the idea of granting a perfect stranger access to your photos? It’s great to be trusting, but it’s better to be cautious. If you have any doubts at all, use a photo vault for your own security.

Install Cover Now

By now, you should understand why a photo vault is highly advisable. Even if you feel like you have nothing to hide, why take any chances? Install Cover today, enjoying the peace of mind that comes with such a decision.